In 06.12.2017, a seminar was held in the Geographical and Environmental Sciences Department of Khazar University on the topic of “Water balance of the Khojahasan Lake”. Elvin Aliyev, PhD in Engineering, the representative of scientific-production enterprise “CASPIAN GEOMATICS” participated in the seminar. Collaborators of Azerbaijan National Scientific Academy, delegates of “Tamiz Shahar” OJSC, as well as, associates of Water-Channel Scientific Research Institute of Azersu OJSC took part in the seminar. Along with being a collaborator of Geographical and Environmental Sciences Department of Khazar University, simultaneously, Elvin Aliyev was GIS specialist of “Water balance of the Khojahasan Lake” project. After the presentation of the project, Rovshan Abbasov, PhD on Geography responded the questions of the guests. At the end of the event, project executors took pictures jointly with the University students.






Khocahasan lake is in the western part of Absheron peninsula. This lake is one of the main lakes considered for rehabilitation under the Absheron Rehabilitation Program. The program considers the creation of cultural and recreational facilities around the lake. The existing climatic data, the results of field studies and hydrological models have been used to estimate water balance of the lake. Results confirm that stopping of wastewater discharges into the lake can have some positive results. However, for a long-time period, this will cause negative consequences.

Because of rapid urbanization, the lake lost some parts of its natural water sources. These natural waters were replaced by wastewater from Khojahasan settlement. Recently, some parts of the rainwater is mixed with these wastewaters. There is a plan to connect wastewater network to the centralized sewer line. This may lead to the transformation of the Khojahasan lake into the closed salty lake.



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