• CASPISNET’s International Working Group has started its activity

CASPISNET’s International Working Group has started its activity

This spring between the dates of 12-14 May 2018 the Institute of Geography of ANAS in cooperation with INOC have successfully organised an international conference “Understanding The Problems of Inland Waters: Case Study for The Caspian Sea” at the Holiday Inn in Baku, Azerbaijan. The conference was organized with the aim to increase the exchange of the international scientific cooperation on the Caspian Sea region and other lakes located nearby.

As a result, an International Working Group on Sustainable Development of The Caspian Sea Region (IWG SDCSR) have been created with the purpose of realising international projects related to the Caspian Sea region. The idea of establishing the IWG SDCSR was initiated by the scientists from Azerbaijan, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, the USA  and other countries (specialized in environmental sciences, oceanology, GIS, remote sensing and other related disciplines) at a special meeting organized by the Institute of Geography of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences – IGAZ within the framework of the conference mentioned above.

The purpose of the IWG SDCSR is to contribute to the development of a decision-making support system at the regional level in the Caspian region. While connecting local dynamics of changes to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the IWG aims to bridge practice-informed environmental and anthropogenic hazards and risk assessments to formulate policy for the sustainable development of the Caspian Sea Region. It is essential to note that within the famework of  IWG SDCSR meeting in Holiday Inn on Thursday, 13 September was held a training for students and young researchers on a theme of ”General presentation of satellite technique for water cycle monitoring” lectured Dr. Jean-François Crétaux, representative of a French laboratory and also as Principal investigator of a satellite mission dedicated to the survey of continental and ocean surface water, in cooperation between both spaces agencies, CNES from France and NASA from USA.

We have to mention that the workshop is being supported by the British Petroleum Azerbaijan, French Embassy, Swiss embassy, The Economic Cooperation Organization Science Foundation, ESRI, Lighthouse Geo, Rubicon Geosystems, Spectra, Provitaz – Alternative Energy, Azerbaijan Geographic Society, CASPIAN GEOMATICS and many other organisations. Realisation of these events could help us to start IWG SDCSR’s activities, which are of vital importance for sustainable and socio-economic development in the Caspian Sea region.

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