Our company proposes IT (information technology) services. These services are mainly the following:

In our modern era, the dynamic development of IT has allowed us to take advantage of the opportunities of technologies. Previously, maps were in paper form, but later these maps were brought into digital form. Currently, these maps are managed through mobile applications. The development of IT has led to the processing of GIS data in small devices from large desktop (personal) computers.

Currently, the surveys of various objects (facilities) in different places has started to be managed through small devices. In this matter, besides survey, we can also mention transfer, storage, integration into other systems. Such modern requirements do not bypass the environment.  In the creation of the environmental system, we should especially mention the development of geographic information systems related to IT and its constantly updated software complexes. Thus, this system provides special opportunities for carrying out large-scale spatial analysis of objects and events, preparation of electronic maps, as well as creating a geodatabase.

CASPIAN GEOMATICS company carries out “Formation of information resources of personal data and information systems development, serve them” under a special license. Our company has special experience in creating systems and providing specific services for them. It should be noted that new IT approaches are used in engineering-prospecting works and other works corresponding to our fields of activity.

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