Our company proposes some services on information technologies. These services mainly are followings:

  • Software
  • Web mapping
  • Information systems
  • IT consulting
  • GIS consulting
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications

Considering modern condition and dynamic development of technologies provided basis for us to benefit from opportunities of information technologies. Nowadays maps are in digital version, while previously they were in paper form. At the moment these maps have been started to be controlled through mobile applications. While we used to submit GIS of project objects in soft version, presently it is required to deliver these data to a Client in a mobile form. Development of technologies have ensured to transfer data from big desk-top computers to small devices.  At the moment surveying any object in different area have been started to be controlled through such devices. Here we can observe both surveying and transferring them, storing and their integration to other systems. These requirements concern to the environmental issues as well. Application of these technologies in setting information system of the environment is great important.  Presently opening and reviewing data through different devices at the same time analyzing them on the spot, as well as obtaining thorough information about the area have a positive impact on more speedy course and development of existing processes.

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