In the field of Environment, we propose our services comprehensively and professionally, from rehabilitation projects to various fields of the environment.

EIA – Environmental impact assessment

Environmental Protection

Ecosystem and Aerospace Monitoring System, GIS

Environmental investigation and monitoring of the works carried out in this field

Groundwater and Drinking Water Monitoring

Environment and rehabilitation

Management of natural resources

Field expedition and monitoring

Pollution and disaster monitoring

Vulnerability and Risks Assessments (flood risks etc.)

Ətraf mühitə təsirlərin qiymətləndirilməsi

CASPIAN GEOMATICS proposes monitoring and consulting services in addition to air, water and soil services. You can contact us about your project and take advantage of our consulting services. We offer engineering and consulting services on environmental impact assessment for new development projects in Azerbaijan as well as in other countries. At the same time, we are distinguished by our experience in the application of the geographic information system for various aspects of the environment, in environmental modeling and mapping.

It should be noted that the existing complex problems in this field require the application of modern methods. Geographical information systems are the best method for environmental data analysis. It enables better monitoring and understanding of physical characteristics and factors impact a particular ecological situation, as well as various interrelation. After data analysis, geographic information systems allow planning and management of hazards and risks that will affect the environment.

During the environmental impact assessment, the impact of the intended activity on the atmosphere, surface and groundwater, soil layer, flora and fauna, biological diversity, population health and other directions is assessed.

We provide services in the following fields:

  • field surveys and bathymetric surveys;
  • hydrogeological and geophysical surveys;
  • sampling (taking soil and groundwater samples);
  • groundwater assessment and modeling;
  • feasibility study;
  • monitoring and assessment;
  • dənizdə ətraf mühitin tədqiqatı hesabatlarının yazılması.

CASPIAN GEOMATICS has high experience in environmental mapping and environmental geographic information system creation and modeling. So, dynamic change maps, PAH and TPH maps (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Total Amount of Petroleum Hydrocarbons),heavy and hazardous metals, sludge layer, sediments (bottom sediments),classification maps, ecological maps, protection, flood risks, rehabilitation, vulnerable areas and assessment maps, disasters and hazards, fauna, forest cover, atmospheric pollution, sanitary analysis, hydro-biological and ichthyological investigations,land use map, infrastructure, climate, etc. maps belong to the many maps we have created.

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