Our company has a wide range of photogrammetry & geodesy services in determining the coordinates of objects using the methods of aerospace & ground-based methods for measuring, topographic surveying & mapping. We are distinguished by our wide experience in the calculation of geodetic surveys, the development & implementation of projects, structural deformation surveying.

We use modern research methods and GIS technologies to provide services to our customers. Our staff solves problems on a scientific basis. As a scientific-research and engineering company, CASPIAN GEOMATICS widely uses GIS to study processes in the environment and to model processes. Our experience in this area allows us to create GIS on various thematic topics and study the environment in depth, as well as conduct various research.



  • Spatial Data Management (SDM)
  • Geodatabase / Design / Structure
  • Spatial data integration
  • Ecosystem & Aerospace Monitoring System



  • Complete spatial analytical services
  • Hydrology / Ground Water
  • Real Estates / Urban Analysis
  • Environmental Spatial Analysis
  • Environmental Modeling



  • Topographic & Photogrammetric surveying
  • Observation (Control of measurements), Geodetic control
  • Marine Geodesy
  • Volume Calculations
  • Inventory and topographic survey of hydrotechnical structures (Canals, collectors, reservoirs etc.)
  • Topographic stakeout
  • Leveling / Consulting
  • Making and updating topographical maps
  • Executive survey
  • DRONE surveying



  • Thematic mapping
  • Topographical mapping / Cadastral mapping
  • Environmental mapping
  • Web mapping & Consulting
  • Preparing and Designing atlases
  • Cartographic design services



  • Satellite imagery interpretation and classification
  • Change detection / Slope aspect analysis
  • Land cover classification
  • Ecosystem management / Color Balancing
  • LIDAR data processing
  • Ortho-rectification of satellite imagery (control points, raster/vector maps)
  • The generation of seamless ortho-mosaic using images from different satellites
  • The generation of composite images / GPS control / Aerial photography
  • The generation of the map in customer projection / Contour and feature mapping
  • DEM/DTM generation
  • Stereo compilation
  • Topographic and planimetric feature extraction (2D/3D)



  • Bathymetry survey (Single-beam / Multibeam)
  • SONAR survey (Side-Scan Sonar)
  • Bathymetry mapping / Modelling
  • Volume and other calculations
  • Consulting services
  • Analysis of bathymetric surveys based оn high-altitude systems
  • Complex marine surveying services
  • High-resolution acoustic imaging
  • Detection of hazardous areas and underwater objects for the safe movement of ships
  • Search for sunken underwater objects
  • Identification of potentially dangerous underwater objects
  • Classification and inventory of underwater objects, mapping
  • Compare analyze
  • Coastal research (dynamic change, coastal management, erosion, flooding, etc.)
  • Sediments classification
  • Checking the bottom cleanliness for all reservoirs (reservoirs, lakes, rivers, sea)




  1. Topographic survey of the railways (Baku city) (2021 June / 2021 August)
  2. Making digital map of Shusha city. State Tourisim Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (November 2020/2021- January)
  3. Creating Geographical Information System of “Yukhari Karabakh” and “Kalbajar-Lachin” economic regions. State Tourisim Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (November 2020/2021- January)
  4. Creating Geographical Information System and making digital maps of the area of “Yukhari Bash” National Historical-Architectural Preserve included in UNESCO World Heritage List which is the historical centre of Sheki. State Tourisim Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (November-December, 2020)
  5. Survey of the seabed in the project area (Lankaran) and investigation of active erosion processes in coastal zones (2020/August-September)
  6. Implementation of Bathymetric survey in the delta and on the basin of the Caspian sea (2020/May-June)
  7. Implementation os SONAR (Side Scan Sonar) and Bathymetric survey on the Caspian sea basin (2020/April)
  8. Making digital maps of some districts of Azerbaijan based on GIS on contract areas (2019/August)
  9. Engineering-topographic survey on an area of 8000 hectares of the Jeyranchol massif (2018-2019)
  10. Performing Bathymetric investigation in southern coasts of the Caspian sea (2018/August)
  11. Performing Bathymetric survey in local areas on basin of the Caspian sea (2018/February-March)
  12. Performing Bathymetric survey in offshore territory of the Caspian sea (2018/February-March)
  13. Engineering-Geodesy (Executive Survey) work implementation project in non-residential building (2018/June)
  14. Implementation of Topographic works on 3200 hectare area of Yevlakh and Goranboy districts (2018/August)
  15. “Orthophoto mapping and creating topographic map of 7000 ha area of Saatli region” project (2018 January/February)
  16. Boyukshor lake remediation project Phase 2 – Engineering and Supervision (IQLIM LTD) (2018)

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