Hydrology study and hydrometric surveys services are one of the main activities of CASPIAN GEOMATICS company. CASPIAN GEOMATICS has signed numerous contracts on hydrological surveys and cooperates with international organizations in various fields of activity.

Hydrology and hydrometric surveys

  • determination of dependent and ion loadings
  • study of the hydrological regime
  • estimation of the water regime
  • determination of the hydrological and morphometric characteristics
  • modern hydrographic surveying / a high-resolution bathymetric survey (underwater topographical survey)
  • hydrological regime characteristics
  • use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in hydrology investigation
  • Remote sensing applications to hydrology
  • hydrology study and modeling
  • installation of automatic hydrological stations
  • selection of suitable locations for stations
  • design of hydrological monitoring network
  • evaluation service for impacts of climate change on hydrological variables, floods and lake regulation
  • services for data management and data quality control
  • hydraulic modelling service
  • flood and drought management service
  • river basin management
  • mapping water resources, monitoring water quality, and assessing hydrological processes
  • topography, dam inspection and drain study

Hidroqrafiya (batimetriya_sonar)_ metokean tədqiqatlar _ Hydrology _ hydrological _ Hydrology

Hydroecological services

  • study of physical and chemical properties of water bodies
  • investigation of water pollution
  • determination physical and geographical characteristics of basins based on remote sensing (basin area, relief, soil-vegetation cover)
  • mudflow and flood management investigation
  • assessment of the impact of quarries on the river ecosystem
  • ecogeographical and hydroecological studies
  • optimal routing of irrigation and water supply canals

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