Geodetic survey and topography, geographical information systems, mapping, also bathymetry, photogrammetry (drone), remote sensing services are main activities of CASPIAN GEOMATICS company. Above all, while providing services to clients, we solve the issues on a scientific basis and using modern methods. In addition, company makes extensive use of GIS to model environmental processes and various objects, as well as to understand tendencies. Our experience provides special opportunities to create GIS on various topics and to investigate the environment in detail.


Our geospatial database services include spatial data management & geodatabase creation, also structural design works. In addition, our service includes spatial data integration, aerospace monitoring system & ecosystem related services.


Our spatial analysis and modeling services include for instance, issues of spatial analysis and modeling. In other words, we have implemented numerous projects & investigations. These projects includes for instance, hydrology & hydrogeology, real estate, urban planning, environment, agriculture, water supply and natural emergencies, bathymetry and etc.

Geodeziya batimetriya geodesy geodetic survey topography


  • geodetic & topographic survey (DRONE survey)
  • observation (control) and volume calculations
  • marine geodesy (bathymetry)
  • engineering-prospecting, survey of deformations of facilities & structures
  • technical inventory of hydrotechnical structures
  • topographic stakeout of project, as-built survey
  • creation & analysis of monitoring system
  • creation and updating of topographic maps,
  • leveling and consulting, GPS surveys
  • laser scan survey, LIDAR technologies
  • geodetic survey of railways
  • topographical survey of the agriculture areas
  • survey of constructions and structures
  • geodetic survey in construction & other fields


mapping geographical information systems bathymetry bathymetric survey sonar

Our cartography service includes creation thematic and topographic maps, updating, also designing atlases, web mapping and system integration services.

CASPIAN GEOMATICS is deeply involved in cartography and has rich experience in the design of maps and atlases. We have created numerous maps on various topics (for instance, thematic & environmental mapping). It should be noted that, during the creation of maps, we strictly follow the cartographic rules and are sensitive to the design criteria. However, during map design, it is necessary to have the ability to work with colors and to feel colors. In other words, the nature of colors and their harmony are important. Therefore, based on this, we treat each map in a special way, and these approaches add color to the maps.


However, our remote sensing services include:

  • satellite image processing & classification maps
  • spectral analysis and thematic processing
  • change detection and mapping
  • aerospace monitoring of environment, ecosystem
  • water resources and hydrological surveys
  • emergency situations, agriculture, farm water
  • hydrogeology, also mining & geological mapping
  • hydroecological investigation of river basins
  • hydrometeorological hazards
  • investigation of geolandscape structure
  • ecogeographical & ecogeomorphological investigations
  • land use and urban infrastructure
  • determination of oil-contaminated areas


Our photogrammetry services include:

  • creation of high-resolution orthophotoplans
  • color balance and LIDAR processing
  • orthorectification, GPS control, orthomosaic
  • DRONE-based aerial survey, processing
  • DEM/DTM generation, stereo acquisition
  • extraction of topographic & planimetric features
  • visualization and texturing (3D)
  • point cloud (location, coverage and intensity)
  • digital orthophoto and hyperspectral imaging
  • modeling and volume calculation
  • creation of classification maps

Hidroqrafiya (batimetriya_sonar) geodetic survey topography remote sensing


Our hydrographic (hydrometry) surveying services include bathymetric (single-beam & multi-beam) & SONAR survey (bottom sediments), and also mapping & modeling.

  • bathymetric surveys, hydrographic mapping  (single-beam/multi-beam)
  • limnological investigations (limnology)
  • side-scan sonar surveys, bottom sediments
  • marine geodetic survey, comparative analysis
  • geographical information systems
  • creation of high-resolution acoustic images
  • detection of dangerous zones and underwater objects for safe movement of ships
  • prospecting for submerged underwater objects
  • identification & classification of an underwater objects, inventory
  • coastal surveys (coastal management, dynamic change, erosion, transgression)
  • classification of sediments (bottom sediments)
  • bottom surveys (cleanliness check) on water bodies (reservoir, lake, river, sea)

In conclusion, it should be noted that, we have an HSE policy on bathymetry surveys. Moreover, to having international HSE certificates, our staff consists of specialists trained on the basis of model courses of the International Maritime Organization.

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