geoloji və hidrogeoloji texniki inventarlaşdırma topographic surveys soil laboratory
18.01.2023 / News/Events

Field surveys in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

Technical inventory (77 km) / Topographic surveys / GIS / Engineering Geological surveys / Mapping / Hydrogeological surveys / Soil ...
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Su ehtiyatları su təsərrüfatı
18.01.2023 / News/Events

Modern changes of water resources were studied in Phase 1

Agreement was concluded for the purpose study of water resources and reconstruction of water farm infrastructure in the research area....
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13.08.2021 / News/Events

The first field survey has started of the CRIPTIC project

On August 8, the first field survey has started in the pilot area on the Caspian Sea coast of Neftchala...
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05.05.2019 / News/Events

Training On GIS Has Been Successfully Completed

A training on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) has been arranged for some specialists of SOCAR within the framework of collabaration...
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28.02.2019 / News/Events

CASPIAN GEOMATICS has started cooperative and general trainings.

“GIS and The Environment” Stage I training, which was arranged by CASPIAN GEOMATICS, took place in November 28, 2018. The...
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18.12.2018 / News/Events

Application of GIS at Secondary Schools

The final reporting event of “ Training  for teachers who will teach geography with application of  GIS at secondary  schools...
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16.11.2018 / News/Events

14th November “GIS Day” was celebrated

“GIS Day” within framework of “Training for teachers who will teach geography with application of  GIS at secondary schools ”...
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26.10.2018 / News/Events

The First Training about Execution Stages of Ecological Project

The first training on “ Ecological condition of Absheron Lakes and modelling of dynamic change ” of CASPIAN GEOMATICS  was...
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24.09.2018 / News/Events

CASPISNET’s International Working Group has started its activity

This spring between the dates of 12-14 May 2018 the Institute of Geography of ANAS in cooperation with INOC have...
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