Being experienced in hydrogeological (Hydrogeology) services, our company has advantages in hydrogeological surveys, determination of hydrogeological parameters, prediction of groundwater resources and calculation of balance resources, mapping of hydrogeological and general actual data, modeling and other areas.

Hydrogeological (Hydrogeology) services:

  • study of the hydrogeological condition of the area, experimental works in exploratory boreholes
  • analysis of the interaction of aquifers with surface waters, study of the water supply system and its technical condition
  • assessment of water resources and assessment of groundwater pollution, chemical analysis of water
  • hydrogeological mapping and hydrogeological modeling, hydraulic property study
  • hydrogeological GIS, aerospace and geophysical methods to investigate water sources in potentially probable areas
  • determination detection depth of groundwater  and thickness estimation of water layers and water horizons, assessment of groundwater
  • exploration works on water sources, calculation of hydrogeological parameters
  • geophysical (vertical electrical sensing (VES)) and hydrogeological surveys, water resources, optimal placement of hydrogeological exploratory boreholes based on Remote Sensing

There are various methodological approaches for studying the hydrogeological conditions of any area and investigating water resources. Firstly, cartographic and remote sensing data are analyzed in order to study the physical-geographical conditions of the area. At the next stage (secondly), hydrogeological and geological fund materials and maps are analyzed. Then (thirdly), if necessary, geophysical studies are conducted and the optimal locations of regime boreholes are selected. The existing boreholes in the area are being looked at and experimental work is being done. If necessary, monitoring of regime wells is carried out. At the next stage (fourthly), hydrogeological parameters are calculated. In addition, water samples are taken and chemically analyzed, resulting in water quality studies and pollution assessments. Finally (as a result), a hydrogeological map (actual data map) is drawn up and hydrogeological modeling is carried out. As a result (in conclusion), a report on hydrogeological investigations is prepared.

Hidrogeoloji (Hidrogeologiya) tədqiqat işləri


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