CASPIAN GEOMATICS proposes complex solutions in the field of engineering-geological investigations, geophysical surveys, drilling exploratory wells, geological assurance in construction, creation of geological maps, creation of geological GIS, implementation of hydrogeological survey, soil sampling , laboratory investigations.

Geological and Geophysical Survey Services:

  • Engineering-geological investigations
  • Collection of fund materials
  • Collection, systematization, analysis of previous geological, hydrogeological and other investigation results
  • Drilling exploration wells
  • Geology in construction and infrastructure projects
  • Geotechnical investigation (Standard Penetration Test / Pressuremeter test / Inclinometer etc.)
  • Placement of stationary foundations at sea and geological exploration
  • Geological mapping and GIS
  • Geophysical investigations
  • Conducting geophysical surveys on routes
  • Carrying out complex geophysical investigation in boreholes (Borehole geophysical logging, etc.)
  • Creation of a scheme for the location of geophysical probes
  • Interpretation of field data and determination of geophysical parameters
  • 3D geophysical modeling
  • Conducting continuous seismoacoustic profile work to investigate the geological structure of the section
  • Compilation of horizontal and vertical geophysical sections, compilation of lithological section
  • Detection and thickness estimation of water layers
  • Geodetic support during geological and geophysical survey at sea
  • Hydrogeological survey
  • Engineering-prospecting and exploration works of water sources
  • Investigation of technical condition of water supply system
  • Estimation of water resources
  • Modeling (Groundwater modeling, etc.)
  • Exploration of wells, conducting well testing
  • Calculation of hydrogeological parameters in wells
  • Soil laboratory investigations



    1. Geological and geophysical surveys in Shusha city (2021 December / 2022 February)
    2. Hydrogeological & geological surveys in Shamakhi district (2021 September / 2022 February)
    3. Hydrogeological & geophysical surveys in Khizi district  (2021 November / 2022 February)
    4. Engineering-prospecting on Shikhov Skypark project (2021 January /  2021 March)
    5. Conducting hydrogeological investigations to improve the water supply of the Turkan village (2020  December / 2021 January)
    6. Conducting hydrogeological investigations to improve the water supply of the settlement of Gala (2020 / November)
    7. Survey of the seabed in the project area (Lankaran) and investigation of active erosion processes in coastal zones (2020/August-September)
    8. Implementation of  geological and geophysical investigations with the purpose of construction of various -storey residential buildings (2020/June-July)
    9. Implementation os SONAR (Side Scan Sonar) and Bathymetric survey on the Caspian sea basin (2020/April)
    10. Implementation of engineering-geological investigation in Khazar district
    11. Making digital maps of some districts of Azerbaijan based on GIS on contract areas
    12. Boyukshor lake remediation project Phase 2 – Engineering and Supervision

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