Hidrogeoloji və geofiziki Hydrogeology, geophysics

Hydrogeological & geophysical surveys in Khizi district

Hydrogeological parameters were determined, the total length of geophysical profiles was 1300 m.

In order to improve the water supply for investigate and explore the water source on the basis of a bilateral agreement, CASPIAN GEOMATICS company conducted complex hydrogeological and geophysical surveys in the Khizi district. The investigation was carried out in an area of 442 km2. During the investigation, the area of water sources, age of rocks, consumption and chemical composition of water was studied. The location and construction of existing artesian wells (static level of groundwater, dynamic level, water level drop) were determined, as well as hydrogeological parameters were determined on the basis of the obtained data. At the same time, experimental work was carried out in the wells to determine the hydrogeological parameters, and tests were carried out on the change of levels. Hydrogeological surveys were conducted in Gizilgazma, Yarimja, Khalanj, Bakhishli, Altiagaj settlements.

The method of Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) was chosen for carrying out geophysical survey. Geophysical surveys were carried out in the direction of Yarimja, Khalanj, Bakhishli villages and Dahardibi. Geophysical surveys were carried out in separate areas by the method of VES, geophysical-lithological conditions of the areas were studied. The total length of geophysical profiles in the area was 1300 m.

In order to investigate and explore the source of water in Khizi district, the following issues were raised and resolved:

  • Fund materials were collected and analyzed, previous geological and hydrogeological, as well as map materials and other investigation results were obtained and systematized, as well as more detailed analyzes were conducted.
  • The technical condition of the existing water supply system was investigated, the main water sources were studied, as well as mapped.
  • Based on the digital elevation model, a topographic map of the investigation area was developed and a cartographic basis for geological-hydrogeological surveys was created.
  • A geospatial database of the investigation area has been created (Geographic Information System), all elements (springs, wells, artesian wells, wells of the existing water supply system, geophysical profiles, surface water sources, hydrographic objects, settlements, etc.) have been included in the geospatial database.
  • Water sources of potentially probable areas were investigated and compared with engineering-geological conditions by applying Remote Sensing methods to the investigation area.
  • Existing artesian wells within the area were investigated, experimental work was carried out in the wells, hydrogeological parameters were determined, and the obtained results were compared and analyzed.
  • Large-scale geophysical surveys were conducted in potential areas of the investigation area, and schemes for the location of geophysical probes were created.
  • Field data related to geophysical survey were interpreted, geophysical parameters were determined.
  • Three-dimensional (3D) geophysical models and lithological sections have been developed.
  • Depth and thickness of groundwater layers were determined, and the results of all applied investigation methods were compared.

In the end, a 126-page report on the investigation was compiled.

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