Offering our clients a diverse skill set from our environmental consultants and a complete array of environmental services covering air, land, and water, Caspian Geomatics occupies leadership position in environmental consulting & engineering. Our Environmental Services include:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) & Protection

Environmental Baseline Study (EBS)

Ground Water and Drinking Water Monitoring (GW)

Remediation Services

Natural Resources Management (NRM)

Environmental Surveys & Supervision

Field Forwarding Researches

Pollution & Disaster Monitoring

Disaster & Vulnerability Assessments

Caspian Geomatics company provides a complete array of environmental services covering air, land and water. Contact us to find out how we can help your organization with our expertise and an in-depth understanding of your industry and the specific regulatory issues you face.

Caspian Geomatics offers a broad array of scientific, testing, engineering, and consulting services related to environmental impact assessment in Azerbaijan and also in other countries for new development projects. We have a structured environmental impact assessment team in places that have worked together for many years on environmental assessment and risk assessment projects based on International standards.

Caspian Geomatics LTD has a good experience in applying the GIS to various aspects of the environment. Complex environmental challenges increasingly demand sophisticated solutions. GIS is a powerful tool for environmental data analysis. It allows better viewing and understanding physical features and the relationships that influence in a given critical environmental condition. On completion of data analysis GIS helps in planning and managing the environmental hazards and risks. In order to plan and monitor the environmental problems, the assessment of hazards and risks becomes the foundation for planning decisions and for mitigation activities. GIS – Applications in Environmental Management outlines the ways that GIS is fulfilling the need of humanity to better manage, protect, and preserve the environment. Caspian Geomatics LTD focused on different applicable areas with special regards to: air pollution, climate modifications in different scales, urban environment, biodiversity, change detection, soil erosion, resource management, coastal zone management etc.

GIS, not surprisingly, has a very important role to play in environmental monitoring. GIS is ideally suited as a tool for the presentation of data derived from distributed measurement stations.

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