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Company has started trainings

“GIS and The Environment” Stage I training, which was arranged by CASPIAN GEOMATICS, took place in November 28, 2018. The training, being theoretical and practical, covered the following topics:

  • Geodatabase
  • Spatial Data Management
  • Spatial Data Management Structure
  • Raster & Vector
  • Environmental mapping & Modeling
  • Coordinate systems and projections
  • Georeferencing
  • Aerospace methods in environment
  • Geoinformation modeling and mapping of heavy metals
  • Infrastructure map
  • Dynamic changes  of natural water objects & Mapping
  • TIN ( Triangulated irregular network)
  • Environmental modeling
  • 3D

It should be noted that the professional trainers of our company, investigating actual issues in the fields of the Environment and Geomatics, attach great importance to provide both practical and theoretical knowledge to listeners in order to meet their knowledge and abilities.  Meanwhile, young investigators are drawn to production for free of charge. Consequently, their practical knowledge enrich and gain concrete abilities, and they develop themselves by applying knowledge and abilities in the project which were gained in a field or cameral condition.












The trainings of CASPIAN GEOMATICS cover mainly the following fields:

  1. GIS and Environment
  2. Geodesy and Topography
  3. Remote Sensing
  4. Landscape design
  5. Architecture
  6. 3D modeling and Visualization
  7. Photogrammetry
  8. Cartography / Thematic mapping
  9. Design of water supply and sewage systems
  10. Hydrology and GIS
  11. Environmental mapping & Modeling
  12. Project Management

At the end of the training, the participants were able to make up some environmental related maps independently and gained knowledge to make 3D models. Furthermore, the training participants have learnt all geometrical ways and application methods of georeference.  Since the training has covered the actual topics, it was quite dynamic and at the end, the listeners have been issued certificates due to successful completion of the training.



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