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Bathymetry and  topography surveys were carried out on the Kura River between Hashimkhanli and  Akhtachi Mughan  village  of   Sabirabad district as  an investigation area based on the concluded bilateral agreement. In order to regulate the level regime of the streamflow around the floating pumping stations of the Kura water treatment plant complex, the following issues were raised and resolved within the framework of bathymetry surveys conducted on the design of hydrotechnical facilities:

  1. Conducting risk assessment in the project area initially according to the HSE action plan.
  2. Installation of 3 geodetic reference points in the project area in order to obtain the results of bathymetry surveys with high accuracy, determination of their coordinate and elevation indicators.
  3. Conducting bathymetry surveys on 7 transversal and 3 longitudinal profiles using a hydrographic echo sounder fixed to the boat.
  4. Carrying out topographical surveys in the surrounding areas of the river
  5. Installation of temporary reference points at the vertices of the transverse profile lines and determination of their coordinates and elevations.
  6. Processing of bottom relief points and creation of bathymetric models based on GIS and CAD software.
  7. GIS-based bathymetry mapping.
  8. Implementation of graphic designs of profiles based on bathymetric models.
  9. Creation of the Geographical Information System of the investigation area.

In the end, a 59-page report on the work done was compiled.


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