Su ehtiyatları su təsərrüfatı


A bilateral agreement was concluded for the purpose of complex study of water resources and reconstruction of water farm infrastructure in the research area.

It should be noted that in order to asses the changes in water resources, its multi-year fluctuations should be studied, the affect of both natural and anthropogenic factors that cause these fluctuations should be assessed, as well as the influence of each factor in this change should be determined.

In general, the hydrological regime of natural water bodies in the liberated territories has been drastically changed, and water farm facilities have subjected serious degradation due to neglect and destruction. It is for this reason that it is considered important to study the water resources in the liberated territories again and at the level of modern requirements. The construction and exploitation of water facilities in the area directly depends on the water sources that feed them. For a long time, along with amelioration and water farm facilities, the rivers and groundwaters that feed them have been occupied. Therefore, in order to study the impact of hydrotechnical facilities and canals in the liberated areas, first of all, the information about the water resources formed in the area should be analyzed. Thus, without knowing the reasons and degrees of changes occurring in these areas with rich water resources, it is impossible to fundamentally solve the issues of improving water farm facilities.

According to the hydrological zoning, the research area is located in the Lesser Caucasus natural region, and CASPIAN GEOMATICS carried out a comparative analysis of the hydrological characteristics of the natural region and the assessment of the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors involved in their formation.

In order to solve the issues raised, along with statistical data, high and medium resolution satellite images were used, and comparative analyzes were carried out.

Thus, the following issues were resolved at the stage of preliminary assessment of water resources in the research area:

  1. Collection and systematization of information on water resources.
  2. Comparative analysis of data on natural conditions.
  3. Analysis of data on modern climatic conditions of the research area.
  4. Cartographic representations of physical-geographical parameters on satellite images (digital models, combinations of spectral channels).
  5. Creation of the Geographic Information System (GIS) of the research area.

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