The request has been sent to our company by Client with the purpose of conducting Bathymetric survey investigation at the sea basin of Caspian sea, and because of the contest, The CASPIAN GEOMATICS has been chosen as an executing company of the project.

The Bathymetric Survey on the project area have been commenced on behalf of us, according to the contract concluded between Client and CASPIAN GEOMATICS scientific research and engineering company. The completion duration of the project has been 3 calendar days (ahead of the due time).

Project area. Mainly the project area is the open sea basin and the coastal zone is stable. The dynamic changes of the coastline is very low. Namely, from this point of view, the structure of the surface (coastal zones) and bottom relief are quite simple. As the project area is the open sea basin, a lot of tides have an adverse impact on the course of the work. The appropriate weather condition has been chosen regarding to the velocity of wind and the Bathymetric investigation have been concluded within a short time.

Purpose of Project. The project missions put into words of followings:

  1. Performing bathymetric survey on offshore territory.
  2. Performing Topographic planning in onshore territory.
  3. Mapping the results of bathymetric survey investigation.
  4. Producing various digital models.


First and furthermost, we should note that, the CASPIAN GEOMATICS company has a very strict HSE discipline policy in operating hydrometry and topographic works in the rivers, lakes, water bodies and shelves by the implementation of the floating vehicles. The implementation of the hydrometry works and topographic planning around water are operated in the floating vehicles (in the ships and streamers, barges, motorboats, oar-boats, dinghies, etc.), thus, all the conduction of these works is considered highly dangerous. The HSE specialists of the Caspian Geomatics are qualified according to the international norms.

Having the visual check of the area at first, our specialists put through the topographic planning in the 1:500 scale according to the technical task. The pickets at the area have been taken in an interval between 5-10 meters. The depth measurements have been carried out with the Hydrographic echo sounder by rubber boat, the topographic works have been conducted with the electron tachometer, and the depth measurements have been taken in the Baltic Height System. Extracted points pave the way to cover thoroughly the project area, besides devising accurate model and maps. Basically, taking closer distances among the points was the main reason for that. According to the thick moves, 1579 points indicators of the bottom relief on the basin have been determined, and the results have been drawn to the camera production. The digital maps and models (Bathymetric model and so on) meeting the requirements of the Client have been worked out based on the modern software.  The Unity Coordinate System and Cartographic Projections have been utilized in the project area both in the sea and all operations (Bathymetric works and topography of the ground) conducted on the shore. Conforming to the requirements of the Client, Datum WGS-84 (World Geodetic System), and as the zone, UTM 39 (Universal Transfer Mercator) have been selected. Furthermore, it should be noted that this unit system has been taken as a basic in the arrangements of the maps and building of the models. It should be emphasized that, as the movement by boat was impossible due to the echo sounder on coastal areas, particularly in the shallow places, those areas have been taken into the plan with the help of the electronic tachometer.

 As a conclusion of the works done, 85 pages report has been presented. The methodology of the works, data about maps and models have been expressed in the provided report.


Hence, within the Performing Bathymetric Survey In Offshore Territory Project the staff consisting of professionals has managed to solve the following issues:

  1. The Bathymetric Survey Investigation  have been conducted precisely on the sea basin of the project area.
  2. The Triangulated Irregular Network models have been developed and the Bathymetric models have been worked out.
  3. The results of the Bathymetric survey have been mapped.
  4. The results of the Bathymetric survey have been produced.
  5. The surface model has been developed and 3D models have been created.

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