Batimetriya Bathymetry

Exogenous & bathymetric investigations in coastal zone

Bathymetric surveys were conducted in 3 ha, investigation of exogenous processes was carried out along 300 meters of coastline.

There is a need to conduct bathymetric measurements on the southern shores of the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea, to investigate the processes of active erosion in the coastal zones. From this point of view, on the basis of a bilateral agreement, CASPIAN GEOMATICS has started engineering investigation in the field. Complex investigation was carried out to check the cleanliness of the seabed, the objects found on the seabed were classified and their coordinates were determined. At the same time, using contact methods, as well as using remote aerospace surveys, areas of active erosion processes in coastal areas were determined and compared for different years. In addition, the Geographic Information System (GIS) of the investigation area has been established.


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