Wireline drilling (240 m) /Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW)/Geophysical survey (396 m) /Topography (4.2 ha) 

On the basis of the signed bilateral agreement, topographical,  geological and geophysical surveys were carried out on the designated area of TV Tower in Shusha city, soil laboratory investigations were carried out. The main issues facing the engineering-geological investigations conducted in the area were the investigating of the geological-lithological structure, hydrogeological conditions and exogenous-geological processes of the area.

The total volume of the investigations carried out in the project area included the following:

  • Conducting topographical survey and mapping;
  • Conducting geophysical surveys for the purpose of investigating the seismicity of the area (the total length of 2 geophysical profile lines is 396 m);
  • Drilling of 9 engineering-geological exploration boreholes with a total volume of 240 m in the designated area;
  • Taking unconfined soil samples from boreholes and conducting laboratory analyses;

In the end, a 250-page report on the investigation was compiled.


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