geoloji hidrogeoloji şamaxı

Hydrogeological & geological surveys in Shamakhi district

In order to investigate the geological structure and hydrogeological conditions on the basis of a bilateral agreement, CASPIAN GEOMATICS LLC conducted a complex engineering-geological survey in the Nagarakhana village of Shamakhi district.

The total volume of investigations carried out in the project area included the following:

  • Planning works were carried out to determine the location of engineering-geological and hydrogeological boreholes.
  • Topographic surveys and marking works were carried out.
  • Drilling was carried out and unconfined samples were taken.
  • Piped are installed in hydrogeological boreholes, detection and thickness estimation of water layer was determined.
  • Pumping works were carried out, hydrogeological parameters were determined.
  • Actual data map of the investigation area was compiled.
  • The movement direction of groundwater in the investigation area were determined and mapped.
  • Physical and mechanical properties of soil samples were investigated, laboratory analysis of water samples was carried out.

In the end, a 132-page report on the investigation was compiled.


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