Batimetriya tədqiqatları

Bathymetric Survey in the Delta and Caspian Sea

Bathymetric surveys were carried out in a 16 ha area with a single-beam hydrographic echo sounder.

The project object, which is the river, is located which is one of the beautiful place of Azerbaijan from a geographical point of view. Activation of river erosion in the river made necessary implementation of Bathymetric investigations both on the delta of the river and in the areas near the delta of the basin of the Caspian Sea, as well as along the south coasts of the Caspian Sea. The activation of erosion processes at the south coasts of the Caspian Sea has been observed as well. For this purpose, the contract was signed between CASPIAN GEOMATICS LLC, who became the winner of the contest, and the Client.

Depending on issues that have been put forward and considering the bottom relief of the south river different methodological approaches and Remote Sensing methods have been widely used during bathymetric investigations. The main purpose were consisted of study of the delta of the river and the areas near the delta, as well as the bottom relief along the south coasts of the Caspian Sea and classification of bottom sediments. From this point of view, risk assessment on the project area have been done, HSE plan prepared and all risk probabilities minimized.

It should be noted that we have completed the complex Bathymetric survey within 6 calendar days. All measurements have been done based on GPS navigation system, contours of shallow areas and coastal line have been made exact through GPS receiver and the river bed surveyed thoroughly.

So, a wide Bathymetric survey on the project object has been done due to occurrence of the river erosion in the river. At the same time, the river delta has been reviewed based on high resolution RS data. A bathymetric map has been made, bathymetric digital models created on the base of CAD and GIS. As a result of office processing work, 3D models of the bottom relief of the delta of the river and the areas near the delta on the basin of the Caspian Sea have been created and 33 pieces transversal and longitudinal profile graphics of necessary fields on the river bed made. Furthermore, the contours of the coastal line has been made exact, topographical survey of the coastal zones (onshore) has been carried out. As a result of accumulative processes, silt appeared with the accumulation of solid substances and those silts have had different parameters on different parts of the river.  Classification has been done in accordance with the thickness of the same silts.

















A 46-pages Report has been finally prepared with regard to the bathymetric survey that we have carried out and submitted to the Client together with the soft copies. The report has covered the digital map and models that have been prepared, classification of the bottom silts, application results of Remote Sensing, the methodology, technical specification of equipment and boat that have been used, obtained results, profile graphics, 3D models. Within the framework of the project, HSE and Emergency Situations plan have been prepared and submitted to the Client, risk assessment carried out, and risks minimized considering all probabilities.


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