With the purpose of construction of residential buildings in Baku, it have become necessary to implement geological & geophysical surveys in the site. With this respect, a contract have been signed between CASPIAN GEOMATICS LLC and a Client.  The main purposes were to carry-out complex engineering- geological and geophysical investigations, implement topographic works in the site, as well as perform laboratory researches. Drilling – 430 meter. The engineering investigation work that we have carried out were mainly the followings:

  • Making topographic plan of the site;
  • Visual inspection of the construction site and frontier areas with it from the point of view of engineering-geological and hydrogeological conditions;
  • Drilling exploration wells;
  • Implementation of geophysical investigation;
  • Taking soil and water samples;
  • Performing laboratory researches;
  • Implementation of office processing works.

Physical-mechanical parameters of soil samples that have been taken from drilled wells in the site have been determined in a laboratory condition in accordance with the standard requirements. Soil, water that have been taken from wells which structure have not been spoiled and samples for their chemical analysis have been taken to laboratory tests. During performing geological-lithological researches normative documents and instructions that are currently in force have been assumed as a base. Along with obtained results research, fund and scientific materials of the previous years have been used. In order to cope with this problem which makes impossible interpretation of correct determination of cut-off layers, borders of layers and thickness have been determined using Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves. At the end we have prepared 128 pages’ report about complex researches that we have carried out.


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