Rəqəmsal xəritələrin tərtibi


Being involved in oil sector, our client is one of the company who has a wide range of contract fields in some districts of Azerbaijan. A bilataral contract have been signed with the purpose of determination of coordinates of different kind of facilities (pump stations, communication lines, communication and high voltage lines, transformers, different kind of pipelines, reservoirs, underground and overground facilities and etc.) located in the contract areas of the client, clarification of coordinates of oil wells and generally implementation of topographical survey and consequently, making digital map based on geographical information systems (GIS).

Purpose of work and isuues to be solved

In accordance with the contract, making detailed electronic map of the area within short time of period has been put forward and one of the main issue was implementation of classification of all lines which supply oil wells.

The prepared electronic GIS map contains different kind of information such as cancelled wells, non-operational and operational wells, observation on the contract areas and etc. Boundaries of residential settlements which exist in the area have been clarified based on aerospace data.  Work on the field have been implemented through GIS tablets and GPS receivers.

The following issues has been solved by CASPIAN GEOMATICS with the purpose of making digital maps of the areas based on GIS:

  • Making big scale electronic map of the conract area (GIS map).
  • Clarification of supply line (electrical line classification) of all oil wells (all wells on well fund).
  • Determination of coordinates of different kind of building and facilities including communication lines belonging to the area (reservoirs, some underground and overground facilities, pump stations, oil wells, oil collection points, power sub-stations, transformers, communication and other lines, oil and water pipes, warehouses and etc.).
  • Survey of linear facilities along route and etc.


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