Batimetriya tədqiqatı və GIS Bathymetry

Bathymetric Survey in Southern Coasts (Caspian Sea)

Bathymetric surveys were conducted to a depth of 1.40 meters, and the project area was mapped based on  GIS.

Bilateral contract were signed for performing bathymetric survey in southern coasts of the Caspian Sea.

Project area

The project area, from the geographical point of view, is situated at the most beautiful location of Azerbaijan. More precisely, it covers southern-east part of the country. It has damp subtropical climate. This climate mainly differs to be mild in winter, droughty and hot in summer and rainy in autumn. In this area the winter is not severe and snowy. Due to having damp and subtropical condition, yellow soil is widely spread in the area.

Purpose of the project

The issues to be done within the project are as follows:

  • To implement bathymetric work up to 1.40 m depth in the sea basin (Regardless of the task, the level is always taken more in such kind of work);
  • To develop surface models from the received compact points, establishing the Triangulated Irregular Network;
  • Digital mapping of the results of bathymetry and necessary topographic work to be implemented onshore (making of bathymetric models and maps);
  • To identify level of coastal line (surf areas).


Note that work within the project area has been implemented in accordance with specific methodology. In accordance with the methodology, besides engineering-topographic work assessment of risks, identification of dangerous criteria, strict safety policy and other important issues have been solved.

Solution of the issues within implementation of bathymetric investigation in the basin of the Caspian Sea have been achieved:

  • Bathymetric work has been implemented up to 1.4 m depth of the sea basin; methodically taking the level more, 1,60 / 1,70 / 1,80 depth values have been achieved.
  • Surface models have been made from the received compact points and the Triangulated Irregular Network established.
  • The results have been digitally mapped, bathymetric model established.
  • Classification of dangerous facilities have been done, coordinates and geometric sizes of the same facilities were determined.
  • Level of the coastal line (surf areas) have been identified, GPS survey done.
  • Dangerous areas along the sea basin have been mapped.
  • Geographical Information System of the project area has been established.


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