Hidroqrafik ölçmə Batimetriya


Bathymetric surveys were conducted to investigate the bottom relief, topographic surveying was carried out on a scale of 1:500 .

The Bathymetric survey on the project area have been commenced on behalf of us, according to the contract concluded between companies. The completion duration of the project has been 11 calendar days (ahead of the due time).

Project Area.

Because of the researches based on the aerospace data, it has been observed that the coastal zone of the area is changeable. Distributed by the waves to the coast of the project area, sand dunes affect directly on the results of the Bathymetric works, and therefore, the structure of the surface changes continuously. İf we are considering of the upcoming construction works in the area, fulfilling the topographic planning of the coastal zone, and providing the bathymetric investigation at the sea basin have been the main issues to tackle.

Purpose of Project.

The project missions put into words of followings:

  1. Performing bathymetric survey on offshore territory.
  2. Performing Topographic planning in onshore territory.
  3. Mapping the results of bathymetric survey investigation.
  4. Producing various digital model (surface area, 2D area, volume matters).
  5. Various volume calculation based on digital and bathymetric models.

Modern geodesy equipment and CIS software have been utilized to achieve the main target. Being 0,25 meters relief section, all works have been operated by connecting to the destinations of the geodesy network.


Having the visual check of the area at first, the whole area has been analyzed elaborately. The topographic planning in the 1:500 scale has been completed according to the technical task. The pickets at the area have been taken in an interval between 5-10 meters. The depth measurements have been carried out with the Hydrographic echo sounder by rubber boat, the topographic works have been conducted with the electron tachometer, and the depth measurements have been taken in the Baltic Height System. According to the thick moves, z points indicators of the bottom relief on the basin have been determined, and the results have been drawn to the  production. The digital maps and models (Bathymetric model and so on) meeting the requirements of the Client have been worked out based on the modern software. The volume calculations on the Bathymetric model have been carried out according to counters having various level indicators.

As a conclusion of the works done, 85 pages report has been presented. The methodology of the works, data about maps and models have been expressed in detail clearly in the provided report.


Hence, within Performing Bathymetric Survey Project the staff consisting of professionals has managed to solve the following issues:

  1. The Triangulated Irregular Network models have been established and the Bathymetric models have been worked out.
  2. The results of the Bathymetric investigations have been mapped.
  3. The volume calculations on the established model have been carried out according to the counters having various level indicators.
  4. The topographic planning works on the exact objects have conducted according to the technical task.
  5. The results of the Bathymetric investigations have been produced, the surface model has been created and 3D models have been developed based on the high-dense points of the basin.

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