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Boyukshor Lake Remediation Project Phase 2

Boyukshor Lake Rehabilitation Project is realizing according to the decree of President “State Program on development of socio – economic status of Baku city and its settlements in 2014-2016”, approved on January 17, 2014 and the decree “Additional measures in the field of improvement of the economic condition of Boyukshor Lake, its protection and exploitation” from December 26, 2013.Boyukshor lake Rehabilitation project consists of several phases:

Phase I, Rehabilitation of East part of the lake, from the side of Olympic stadium
Phase II, Rehabilitation of West part of the lake and oil-contaminated site behind the North Dam
Phase III, Rehabilitation of North Lake and bottom sediments storage

Activities are planned in Phase 2. In this phase the main focus is directed to the rehabilitation of former shores of the lake by removal of contaminated sediments from the western part of the lake (to storage on the west coast), performing re-cultivation work at coastal zone (slopes alignment, carrying out land works). Another part of this phase is the soil and lake cleaning, located behind the north dam, which is separated from the rehabilitated part of the lake.

Caspian Geomatics company has provided Geomatics services on the basis of contract with IQLIM LTD in Boyukshor Lake Remediation Project (Phase 2).

The following works has been done on the project:

•To create geospatial database of project area.
•To collect existing maps and georeferencing, also analyze spatial data,

 to compile different maps.
•To develop different models and maps such as General map, Land use map, PAH and TPH Piezometer maps, The Current Infrastructure Map, The map of Dynamic Changes of the Lake, PAH and TPH Soil Samples map, Heavy Materials maps (Cr – Chromium, Cd – Cadmium, Cu – Copper, Co – Cobalt, Pb – total lead, Ni – Nickel, Zn – Zink), Oil Sludge Layers Classification in Depth in the West Lake, Map of Distribution Chart of PAH in Bottom Sediments in the West Lake, Map of Distribution Chart of TPH in Bottom Sediments in the West Lake, 3D, Bathymetry map of the West Lake etc.
•also made various calculations etc.


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