Engineering-geodesy survey in non-residential building

It was necessary to carry out design work in non-residential facility (13,000 m2). In such work or rather before design work, implementation of engineering-geodesy is necessary. In view of this, CASPIAN GEOMATICS scientific-research & engineering company has concluded the contract with client for implementation of engineering-geodesy work.

Project facility

The project area is situated at Nasimi district, Baku. The facility to be surveyed is the first and second floors of a multi-storey building. Belonging to a non-residential area, the same floors are consisted of 10 entries.

The building is faced with modern type and tastefully-selected stone coating.  The facility was constructed in 2012.  The area where we made measurements coves the first and second floors.

Purpose of the project and its main issues

The main purpose of the project is to carry out executive surveyor the facility. The main issues cover the followings:

  1. Implementation of 1:100 scale executive survey which contains reinforced-concrete elements (column, wall, girth rail, stairs cage, lift and etc.) of the non-residential area.
  2. Selection of the middle level of entries, determination of existing communication details located at floors (diameter, material, purpose and etc.) and all floor gaps during executive survey.
  3. In all floors, determination of bottom levels of floor, ceiling and girth rails, distribution of floor levels at each 3 meters (4 points on 9m2 area).
  4. Determination of geometric sizes of the windows, the door gaps and other intermediate entries in non-residential area.
  5. Installation of separate profiles for each entry.
  6. Blancing of GRP (geodesy reference points) at each floor and marking.
  7. Making of single plan of the building for each floor.
  8. Dividing of all elements which are submitted in soft format into the relevant layers.

In order to achieve the main purpose and generally during implementation of the work, the Client has specially mentioned to use the following normative documents. Use of ГКИНП 02-033-82 normative document by  instruction during preparation of topographic plans, use of  ГОСТ Р 51872-2002 document for making of executive survey documents of geodesy measurements,  as well as use of special legends during preparation of topographic plans have been reflected in technical task.

Implementation accuracy of work, compliance with the requirements of existing СНиП and СП were the main issues. Therefore, all works implemented in non-residential area have been done with high accuracy, measurement works have been implemented on plan with 0-100 mm, but vertical accuracy with 0-5 mm interval. Work to be implemented within the project have been planned in accordance with the technical task.         

It should be noted that determination of all deviation methodically done in construction process during executive survey, as well as determination of real coordinates and heights of constructed facility and clarification of sizes of seperate parts should be necessarily done. From this point of view, all details have been methodically reviewed, all issues solved in accordance with the technical task, as well as seperate profiles installed for each entries.

Reinforced concrete elements  or rather column, wall, girth rail, stairs cages, lifts and etc. elements in non-residential area have been reflected in digital executive plans prepared by us.  It should be noted that floor levels, bottom level of ceiling and girth rails have been determined in high accuracy, as well as floor levels on  9 m2  area have been distributed at more points interval. Geometric sizes of all windows and doors gaps, as well as intermediate entries in non-residential facility have been surveyed in high accuracy. Seperate profiles have been installed for each entry and soft copies of profiles have been attached to the Report.

Result. 1:100 scale executive survey which contains reinforced-concrete elements have been done. Selecting the middle level of entries during executive survey, details of the existing communication available at floors and all floor gaps have been determined.  Bottom level of the floor, the ceiling and the girth rails have been defined at all floors, floor levels have been distributed at each 3 meters. Geometric sizes of the windows, the door gaps and other intermediate entries of the non–residential area have been defined. Separate profiles have been installed for each entry.

Note:  A 49-page Report has been prepared with regard to all work implemented within the project. Models, maps, methodology and etc. are more comprehensively reflected in the Report. The Report contains cameral processing results of engineering-geodesy work as well implemented on the area.

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