Mühəndis geodeziya işləri

Engineering-geodesy survey in non-residential building

Geodetic surveys were conducted in 1.3 ha, asbuilt surveying was carried out on a scale of 1: 100.

It was necessary to carry out design work in non-residential facility (1.3 ha). In such work or rather before design work, implementation of engineering-geodesy is necessary. In view of this, CASPIAN GEOMATICS company has concluded the contract for implementation of geodesy survey. The project area is situated at Nasimi district. The facility to be surveyed is the first and second floors of a building. The building is faced with modern type and tastefully-selected stone coating.  The facility was constructed in 2012.  The area where we made measurements coves the first and second floors.  

The aim of the project was to carry out geodetic survey at the facility. Measurements were carried out in accordance with regulatory documents in the range from 0 to 100 mm according to the plan and from 0 to 5 mm vertically. Methodologically, all the details were taken into account, the issues were resolved according to the terms of reference. All elements of the non-residential area are developed in CAD plans. The geometrical dimensions of window and door openings and intermediate aisles have been clarified, entrance profiles have been built and attached to the Report.

The plan is made on a scale of 1: 100 with a description of reinforced concrete elements in the non-residential area. At the same time, the details of the existing communications on the floors and all the gaps between the floors were revealed. The lower levels of the floor, ceiling and rungs were identified and the levels were allocated. Geometric dimensions of windows, doorways and other passages were taken in the non-residential area. Balancing and marking of benchmark, building input profiles. A single plan has been developed, all elements are divided into appropriate layers. A 49-page report was drawn up on all the work done. Digital plans, methodology and other information is reflected in the report. The report also presents the results of performing engineering and geodetic survey on their own.


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