topoqrafiya ölçmələri


Topographic surveys of arable lands in 8000 ha were conducted, the project area was mapped on the basis of GIS..

Necessity has arisen to implement determination of arable lands suitable for cultivation of different kind of agricultural plants in project area (8000 ha) and implementation of engineering-topographic surveys of the same areas. For this purpose, the contract was signed between CASPIAN GEOMATICS LLC, who became the winner of the contest, and the Client.

Project area

The central part of the area is partly plain, but moving towards edges of the area (towards all poles) elevation increases and this elevation difference fluctuates within certain intervals (100-150 m and etc.).  Therefore, the surface structure of the project area is assessed as changeable.

Purpose of the project and issues to be solved

Purpose of the project was determination of arable lands suitable for cultivation of different kind of agricultural plants in the area and implementation of engineering-topographic works in the same areas. Large-scale topographic works have been implemented in the area. The main goals with respect to implementation of topographical works in the project area covered the followings:

  • Determination of arable lands suitable for cultivation within allocated land areas for agricultural activity and implementation of comprehensive topographical works in the same areas.
  • Topographic mapping on 1:5000 scale of the project area.
  • Determination of locations for installation of 6 benchmarks in the allocated area and implementation thereof.
  • Determination up to a 50 – slope and indexes more than this one of the project area/
  • GIS mapping and 3D modelling/


Note that solution of issues on the project area based on the concrete methodology.  In accordance with the methodology, except engineering-topographic works risk assessment has been implemented, dangerous criteria determined and serious HSE policy applied. Other issues arising from that have been solved. Consequently a 44-pages Report has been prepared.


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