Topographic surveys were carried out in 4000 ha, topographic plan was compiled on the scale of 1: 5000.

Initial evaluation of the area is necessary to carry out agricultural activities and create infrastructure (road, electricity, water lines and etc.) which is possible by implementation detailed topographic survey works. Besides, designing of the area is important as well which requires use of topographic plan.

The  contract was concluded between “CASPIAN GEOMATICS”  scientific-research & engineering company and Client, in order to implement engineering-topographic work for cultivation of different kind of agricultural plants (3200 ha).

The aim of the project is to implement engineering-topographic work for cultivation of different kind of agricultural plants in project area (4000 ha).  The goal covers the followings:

  • To make 1:5000 scale topographic plan of the area.
  • To determine 6 bench marks and installation thereof on the allocated location.
  • To implement survey work providing 70-100 m distance between points and etc.

Certain requirements has been suggested by the Client in order to achieve the main goal and implement topographic survey work, and technical task has been prepared. Certain procedures have been observed for making topographic survey of the area.  Methodically analyze of the project area has been initially done, cartographic materials used, relief of the location reviewed, comparative analyze implemented with different resolution satellite images, and high resolution  plan of the location reviewed as well.

Then, visual inspection of the area has been done and the site has been assessed in respect of topography (methodology). The main issues for specialists were identification of locations of benchmarks in the area and installation thereof. At the same time benchmarks should be able to see each other. Therefore, correct selection of altitude criteria is required as well.

 Thus, the following issues have been solved in this stage:

  • Measurement of geodesy points in static mode
  • Calculation of measurement results and balancing

The site have been comprehensively surveyed to make topographic survey, coordinates of turning points of different facilities have been specified, coordinates of all installed benchmarks identified in static mode, coordinates of roads that have become impassible due to rain and storm water identified as well. Besides, high pressure underground gas line existing in the site have been surveyed as well.                       


So, within framework of engineering-topographic work implemented on installation of required number of benchmarks have been implemented, their locations identified, and coordinates of benchmarks specified using points, which are near.  Consequently 1:5000 scale topographic map made.

Note:  A 46-page Report has been prepared with regard to all work implemented within the project. Models, maps, methodology and etc. are more comprehensively reflected in the Report. The Report contains processing results of engineering-topographic work as well implemented on the area.


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