CASPIAN GEOMATICS proposes complex solutions in the field of engineering-geological investigations, geophysical surveys, drilling exploration wells, geological assurance in construction, creation of geological maps, creation of geological GIS, implementation of hydrogeological survey, soil sampling, laboratory investigations.

Geological and Geophysical Survey Services:

  • Engineering-geological investigations
  • Collection of fund materials
  • Collection, systematization, analysis of previous geological, hydrogeological and other investigation results
  • Drilling exploration wells
  • Geology in construction and infrastructure projects
  • Geotechnical investigation (Standard Penetration Test / Pressuremeter test / Inclinometer etc.)
  • Placement of stationary foundations at sea and geological exploration
  • Geological mapping and GIS
  • Geophysical investigations
  • Conducting geophysical surveys on routes
  • Carrying out complex geophysical investigation in boreholes (Borehole geophysical logging, etc.)
  • Creation of a scheme for the location of geophysical probes
  • Interpretation of field data and determination of geophysical parameters
  • 3D geophysical modeling
  • Conducting continuous seismoacoustic profile work to investigate the geological structure of the section
  • Compilation of horizontal and vertical geophysical sections, compilation of lithological section
  • Detection and thickness estimation of water layers
  • Geodetic support during geological and geophysical survey at sea
  • Hydrogeological survey
  • Engineering-prospecting and exploration works of water sources
  • Investigation of technical condition of water supply system
  • Estimation of water resources
  • Modeling (Groundwater modeling, etc.)
  • Exploration of wells, conducting well testing
  • Calculation of hydrogeological parameters in wells
  • Soil laboratory investigations


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